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There are valid reasons as to why you will most definitely need to hire our minibuses when you are visiting Cardiff. This is the capital city of Wales with a number of memorable locations which have been some of the most popular tourism sites in this region. This is where you will need to hire minibuses which provide guaranteed comfort and reliability so that your only worry is abut enjoying what this historic city has to offer. We have the right type of minibus service in Britain, leave alone Wales, to leave you impressed by the historic features of the city.

One such historic and tourist attraction of Cardiff is the aptly named Cardiff Castle. This is a building that was first built by the Romans more than 2 millennia ago. It has passed through both rebuilding and renovation processes twice. The first time was in 11th Century and second time was in the 19th Century by both the Normans and Victorians respectively. There is also the Cardiff City Hall, the Castell Coch and the St. David's Hall which have been drawing a large number of tourists over the years. A minibus will make it easy for you to access these sites.

You cannot leave Cardiff without paying homage to one of its grandest features, the Caerphilly Castle. This is not only the second largest castle in the whole of Britain, but it is also widely acknowledged as one of the largest in the Western world where medieval history is concerned. The fact that this castle, taking a whole 30 acres of land, is a mere ten minutes away from the other equally impressive Castell Coch means that our minibus services will come in handy as you move from one site to the next one in appreciation of the history of this land.

If you move slightly away towards the eastern part of Cardiff, you will come to a town known as Caerleon. This is a town that is steeped in rich Roman culture and history and is just a few kilometers away from Newport. Instead of going through too much difficulty trying to figure how to get there, you need to look into how you can hire our minibus or several of these to help you with ease of movement. Since we fully appreciate the fact that you need to be always on time, we guarantee that as you use any of our minibus you will not have to be late for any event.

Description for Our Minibus Fleet:

Depending on the size of your traveling team, there are different kinds of minibus fleet which you can use to access some of these popular tourist destinations in Cardiff.  We have a number of minibuses to cater for different sizes of traveling teams such as 6 seater, 7 seater and 8 seater. If your team is large enough, you can use the 12 seater or 13 seater as well as the 14, 16 and 23 seater minibus. It is not just the size that we focus on offering, but we ensure that we offer you the greatest comfort level you will ever encounter anywhere while visiting Cardiff.

If your team is large enough and you wish to travel together, rather than in different minibuses, you can use the option of the larger coach that we have. To cater properly for large traveling teams, we offer the option of 23 seater or 59 seater coaches for hire. The standard and quality of these large size buses is still the same as that of their much smaller counterparts. You do not have to be worried about whether you will be on time or late. We maintain the same strict standards in all the services we offer to you, as our client to make your journey memorable.

This does not mean that if your team is larger than 59 people you will not be catered for. We can advise you to take advantage of our favorable rates to hire several coaches, or hire a coach and a minibus if this will cater for your entire party. We will give you the best services and rates to make sure that you do not feel financially strained in any way. The rates we charge for hiring any minibus to help you move around Cardiff with ease as you tour some of the well renowned tourist sites such as St. Fagans National History Museum, is quite affordable.

Holiday Attractions In Cardiff:

It is a fact that Cardiff was designated as a City for Sport in 2009. If you are a sports enthusiast, then you won't be disappointed as you have a wide range of options to choose from. In order to ease your movement from rugby sports fields, Olympic size sports facilities and football grounds, hiring one of our minibuses will facilitate your movement between these grounds quite easily. As you take advantage of our huge fleet of coaches and minibuses, you will discover that visiting Cardiff was one of the best decisions you ever made.

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